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V-118B / V-218B

18" Bandpass Subwoofer / Dual 18" Bass-Reflex Subwoofer   (Not Available in Europe)

The V-118B is a 18" bandpass subwoofer with 800W RMS and 135 dB Max SPL.
The V-218B is a dual 18" bandpass subwoofer with 1600W RMS and 136dB
Max SPL. Engineered with CATAR technology (Clear audio time aligned responds) it provides an outstanding sound reproduction. Offering plenty of tight and punchy bass, the V-218B blends beautifully with the V-LINE or V-ARRAY and form an excellent full range response with high SPL and clear sound. The uniquely designed cabinets are all made of multiplex and coated with the Polyurea coating-which helps stand up to the tough daily demands of touring and live applications.



· Theater, band performance, concert hall, high-end club
· Multifunctional hall