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V-115B / V-215B

15" / Dual 15" bass reflex subwoofer  (Not available in Europe)

The V-115B is a 15" bassreflex subwoofer with 600W RMS.
The V-215B is a dual 15" bassreflex subwoofer with 1200W RMS and 136 dB MAX SPL. 

Engineered with CATAR Technology (Clear Audio Time Aligned Responds) , it provides an outstanding sound reproduction. Offering plenty of tight and punchy bass, the V-215B blends beautifully with the V-LINE or V-ARRAY and form an excellent full range response with high SPL and clear sound. The uniquely designed cabinets are all made of multiplex and coated with the Polyurea coating-which helps stand up to the tough daily demands of touring and live applications.



· Band performance, concert hall, pub, entertainment club, church
· Multifunctional hall