M-F3A is a compact and scaleable active array system of small size and light weight.
Each M-F3A contains 8 pieces of high-efficiency 2.8” full range speakers and 7 pieces of 1” direct radiate tweeter w/o horn, all vertically aligned to form a line array. Combining these components on the area of an A4 paper and weighing only 8 kg, each speaker box can produce an impressive 119 dB SPL continuously and 128 dB peak SPL. Built-in high class SMPS technology and two-channel class-D amplifiers, together with proprietary DSP- filtering and limiting, ensure a reliable and steady performance at all times.
The M-F3A SUB is a V-shaped double 10” bandpass subwoofer, also powered by a built-in 400 Watt class-D amplifier and equipped with
switching mode power supply. Its compact and efficient design allows the subwoofer to perform greatly in all kinds of environments and its
size guarantees very flexible subwoofer placement.
All products have powercon in-and outputs as well as signal in-out for convenient daisy chain wiring to allow an individual adjustment of the
system according to the application demands. In case a unit goes into protection mode, a built-in relais assures the continuous forwarding ofpower and signal.
Great out-of-the-box sound tuning, compact design, convenient wiring, easy scaleability and many other features of this system save a lot
of space, time and money for speaker transportation and setup!

■ Small size, high SPL

M-F3A is a compact and lightweight array speaker that has the same frontal measurements as a sheet of A4 paper and a weight of only 8 kg. Still, one unit of this compact array delivers 119 db SPL continuously and 128db peak SPL.
Advanced cooling and venting measures keep power compression at a minimum.

■ Plug and play

M-F3A is designed to provide perfect plug-and-play sound. Built-in high class SMPS technology and two channel class-D amplifiers, together with proprietary DSP-filtering and limiting, give the system a great out-of-thebox configuration that requires little to no further adjustment.
The included ASR (Automatic Switching Router) technology ensures the forwarding of the audio signal through the whole array without any impedance attenuation. This unique feature enables the user to create endless chains of M-F3A.

■ Line source

Each unit is already a line array in itself with very wide horizontal and precisely controlled vertical dispersion.

■ Scalable

Because of its compact array design, M-F3A can be adjusted to fit for a great variety of applications and venues.
This ranges from single wall mounting up to an array of 4.8m in length that can deliver a continuous SPL of 135dB and exceptional directivity.

■ Application

· Small and medium scale touring
· Theater
· Church
· Multi-media rooms