M-A5 is a compact active all-in-one column system. It is the perfect solution for musicians, DJs, presentations and events with sophisticated music playback.The six-way active system generates a clear, dynamic and balanced sound throughout the frequency range. The array configuration ensures greater sound coverage with very consistent sound distribution even into the farthest corners of the venue. M-A5, which combines PA and monitoring system, provides the same sound experience for both audience and musician. The system can be easily transported from one location to another. Since both M-A5 have been equipped with MIC and MP3/Hi-Z input, an additional mixer is not necessary for small-scale venues. In comparison to M-A5 offers twice as much output power. Just plug in and you are ready to go!

■ Wide horizontal sound coverage

The unique 120° horizontal dispersion technique of the cylindrical wave avoids quick sound attenuation and makes the sound performance more stable in different environments by also strongly reducing floor and ceiling reflections.

■ Easy operation

Few components guarantee an easy and quick speaker setup as this system needs virtually no product training. No complex wiring, no truckload of speakers and accessories - just plug in power cable and signal wire and you’re ready to go!


■ Effective reduction of feedback

Proprietary signal processing for separate speaker groups combined with very wide horizontal sound dispersion results in effective reduction of microphone feedback. This enables the system to work as main PA-system and monitoring for the performer at the same time.

■ Great portability

Each column system consists of three components, those being one subwoofer and two column speakers. They can be assembled and dismantled within seconds due to our patented connection socket technology. Matched with the according backpack for the column speakers and a dolly board for the subwoofer (optional accessories), the system can be conveniently moved from premise to premise.

■ Application

· Bars
· Bands
· Meeting rooms

· Multi-media rooms