Highlights of SE Music Festival in China from October 13th to 17th

Part One SE China Music Festival

The first SE China Music Festival was held on October 13th luxuriously,with the full participation of more than 1400 SE fans, among which well-knownmonitor Ma Xin, performance project enterprise alliance president for Chinaassociation of performing art Cai Jianyong, specialists, and scholars in stageart industry showed up.

Apartfrom the concert in the evening, different activities were organized on the daytime, including the visit of SE factory, the release of SE new product, and the convening of SE technical seminar.

StructuralDurability is the fundamental demand and the ultimate perfection is the quest

Guests went to the visiting aisle of the SEworkshop by the company of SE guide. They took a look at the production procedureof SE speakers in the clean and tidy workshop. SE guide gave the detailedintroduction to visitors about the production process, quality control andproduct features. The pursuit of standardized production and detail focuscreates SE’ perfection.

Theheaviest acoustic master work out the lightest tweeters

Aftervisiting the factory, people walked into the main venue of SE new productrelease. The launch event was presented by SE sales supervisor, Winnie. Heexpressed the appreciation for the sponsor from Ming Dao lightning, Rac Pro, Sennheiser,Arts Sound. He said SE hoped to break through the old way of thinking and to learnfrom competitors with an inclusive and open mind, so as to open up theindustrial chain, the interactive exchange platform and start a brighter future.

Next,SE German acoustic master David Bie, the product manager of SE headquarterUgis, the tweeter engineer Zhuo of SE China introduced the newproducts------M-F3A Pro. 

SEChina Music Festival came for the backstage people

M-F3APro hornless array system delivered the sound for SE China Music Festivalexclusively. The stage art was designed and carried out by Qijiang Stage ArtsTechnology Co. Ltd. 12 M-F3A Pros were rigging at the both side of stage, asthe FOH system; besides, 9 S12, M-F3A Pro subwoofers stacked on the ground bothsides to extend the low frequency. M121A stage monitors took the role of “stagefill”.

Thismusic festival was a tribute to all the people behind the stage music festival.When the audience cheered for their favorite singer, a lot of people might havenever noticed the workers behind the scenes. It was the workers behind thescene who presented the perfect stage. Among them, many had never felt arelaxed and joyful music festival, and the first SE China Music Festival wasjust for such a group of heroes." the hostess of SE China Music Festivalintroduced.

Thefestival starts at 6 am on time. The founder Michael von Keitz and GM Steven Zhufirst went on to the stage to deliver the speech. Michael said, “When I firststarted the SE factory in the 1980s, it did not occur to me that today I wouldbe able to stand in front of 1,400 guests from around the world, including 900rental companies. SE's headquarters and main research and development team arestill located in Germany, but we have a 21-year history of speaker manufacture inJiashan and are now the world's second largest producer of column speakers. Ourresearch and development teams had integrated innovative technology into the columnsthat are displayed at this music festival, and we are the first manufacturer tobring this type of product to market.”

Onthe music festival, different band style gave the audience different surprise.Crazy Island band, Orange Band, Italian Opera, Dabai and her band took turns toperform. With the delicious German food and large-scale lottery activities, thefirst SE China Music Festival successfully closed the curtain.

PartTwo SE Internal Staff Concert

Onthe evening of October 16, SE’s first internal staff concert came as expect.More than 800 SE employees from the production, purchasing and quality control departmentattended the concert together. In order to let all SE employees feel the charmof the M-F3A Pro hornless active line array, all of the FOH speakers were M-F3APro.

Thestage art was designed and carried out by Qijiang Stage Arts Technology Co.Ltd. 12 M-F3A Pro were hung on the left and right side of the stage to deliverthe sound. In addition, two groups of S12, the subwoofer of M-F3A Pro werestacked on each side of the ground, 9 for each group, a total of 18 S12 for bassextension. Stage fill was provided by M121A.

Theconcert started at 6 PM, with Chairman of Board Michael and General ManagerSteven to go on the stage. Mr Michael said, the launch of SE speakers is theresult of everyone’s effort. More than 700 SE staff together created thedurable and delicate SE speakers, so each SE staff also had the opportunity toenjoy the works created by their own hands.

Apartfrom the performance from Orange band and Crazy Island band, the lucky drawscaused the cheer again and again.

Beforethe closing ceremony, Chairman Michael and General Manager Steven went on thestage again and announced the stock ownership incentive policy. He said, “Thedevelopment of SE owns to everyone’s effort. In order to pay back everystruggling SE person, the stock ownership incentive policy is officiallylaunched.”

PartThree Large Scale Aspiration Recitation Symphony Concert

OnOctober 17th, the second Shan Culture Series Activity called LargeScale Aspiration Recitation Symphony Concert was grandly held in Jiashan tocelebrate 40 years of reform and opening up, the eight strategies has beenimplemented for 15 years and the 25th anniversary of Jiashan Economic and TechnologicalDevelopment Zone. SE Audiotechnik supplied fields and stage equipment to such ahigh standard recitation symphony concert.

Secretary-Generalof China Development Zone Association, Guan Rong, Director of Development Zoneof Commerce Department of Zhejiang Province Liang Zhiliang, Director ofZhejiang development Zone Association, Qian Shuifeng, Director of Jiaxing LiteraryFederation Wang Yiwei, Deputy Secretary of CPC and Deputy Director of CultureDepartment, Wang Lei, Jiashan leaders Xu Mingyang, Zhen Ming, He Quangen, GuXinyu, Lu Chunhao, Deputy Secretary of CPC of Fengjing Town in JinshanDistrict, Shanghai, Yu Cuibao, company representatives, middle-level cadres ofgovernments and staffs in enterprises, about 1000 people got involved in it.

The stage art was designed and carried outby Qijiang Stage Arts Technology Co. Ltd. 12 M-F3A Pros were rigging at theboth side of stage, as the FOH system; besides, 9 S12, M-F3A Pro subwoofersstacked on the ground both sides to extend the low frequency. M121A stagemonitors took the role of “stage fill”.

As aresearch and development patent harvester, Speaker Electronic (Jiashan) co.,ltd. was selected as a technology innovation demonstration enterprise (team) inthis evening party. Currently, the company has 49 valid authorized patents.

M-F3APro Hornless Active Array system reproduced the pristine sound for governmentleaders. The voice was clear and natural. All the guests on the scene listenedto the speech about the development review and future prospects of thedevelopment zone absorbedly.

Theevening party was divided into two parts. In the first half, "beautifulhometown" eulogized the beautiful hometown and recited the original poemsof Economic and Technological Development Zones. In the second half party,“classic echo", reciters recited the Chinese and foreign classic poetry toexpress the praise for China and love for life.

Theparty drew its curtain up when performers and audience sang the song Ode to theMotherland together.