SE M-F3A spreads the spirit of Chinese late Prime Minister Enlai Zhou in his Poetry recitation meeting

On May,27th, Poetry recitation meeting was hosted and recorded in EnlaiZhou’s old school, Tianjing Nankai Middle School, co-organized by ChinaInternational Cultural Communication Center, Ideological and Political Ministryof Education Department, Propaganda Department of the CY Central Committee,Propaganda Department of the CY Tianjin Committee and Chongqing Nankai MiddleSchool to memorize late Prime minister, Enlai Zhou’s 120th birthday.

After several elaborate comparisons of speakersystems, Beijing Global Sound Technology Co. Ltd chose M-F3A active arraysystem which is characterized by hornless tweeters, no compression to make thelive sound more clear and comfortable. SE M-F3As were hung and hidden in theTruss shelves because of the absolutely compact M-F3A box.

Beside the stage, the M-F3A active arraysystem consisting of 8 M-F3A modules is hung in the truss per side. At thebottom of M-F3A arrays, there are four M-F3A SUBs stacked. Such a simpleconfiguration can cover the whole scene. More than 1000 guests and students of TianjingNankai Middle School attended the poetry recitation meeting.

All drivers of M-F3A are mounted on an A4paper-sized front surface while weighing only 8 kg including amplification andDSP. Each unit can produce an impressive 119 dB SPL continuously and reaches upto 128 dB peak SPL.120° horizontal and 16° vertical dispersion angles enablethe system to cover vast audience areas.

M-F3A is an ultra-compact active line arraysystem offering crystal-clear sound reproduction with studio quality highs andpunchy mids due to its hornless design. The unique PA sound is achieved byincorporating further upgraded 8 high-efficiency 2.8” neodymium mid-frequencydrivers and 7 pieces of 1” direct radiation dome tweeters into each unit.

The professional audio needs a very naturaland clear sound quality for a poetry reading which directly affects theexpressive force of the performers and audience's feelings, while, the M-F3A isawesome, because the sound is comfortable and smooth, at the same time, it can preventthe sound feedback, so the audience is very satisfied." the sound engineerin charge of the event commented.