SE M-F3A sings for the State Banquet Hall of Great Hall of the People

Recently, SE M-F3A active array system sings for the State Banquet Hall ofGreat Hall of the People and reproduces the pristine sound for the nationalaffair performance. 

The StateBanquet Hall, serving as the sites for state leaders to meet, is located on thesecond floor of Great Hall of the People. It is 102 meters long from East toWest and 76 meters from North to South. With an area of 7,000 square meters, itcan entertain 5.000-1,0000 guests, and up to 5,000 people can dine at a singlesitting, as was done on the occasion of Richard Nixon's visit to China in 1972.The “Praise of China” created and written by Zhihe Zhang is hung inside thehall. The State Banquet Hall is decorated with large ceiling lamps made ofcrystal glass and the whole hall is resplendent and magnificent, showing thedignity and elegance of Chinese architecture.

On two sides of the main stage, M-F3A active array systems are hung with 6modules per group. 2 M-F3A SUB are stacked under the platform per side. Such asimple setup can cover the area of more than 600 square meters for thisactivity.

The lights areshining and the laughter is echoing. The artistic performance sometimes ismelodious and soul-stirring, sometimes is mild andindirect. Whether it is Chinese opera, national chorus or ballet, M-F3A hasmastered the task successfully.