SEAudiotechnikProvides Ultimate Sound Experience for《Stone • Scissors • Cloth》

Dramatized and directed by famousdirector Robert Vicencio,the original music drama《stone, scissors, cloth》was shown for eight days at the Lyceum theater inShanghaifrom April 8thto 16thin its first round.Thelive sound reinforcement systemselected was the M-F3AfromSE Audiotechnik.

As is known to all,the ShanghaiLyceum Grand Theater,an old-line theater with more than 80 years’ historicaland cultural connotations, has been visited by leadersfrom all over the world. FamousBeijing Opera actor Mei Lanfangand Zhou Xinfang have also performed on itsstage.As the director and the team behind the scene are very demanding of theperformance, they chose to set the drama stage here and they required the soundsystem on site to enhance the result of their performance.

 The Lyceum Theatre, whichhas two floors, can accommodate about 800 audiences. Due to the westernpalacearchitecturestyle of thetheater, there’s no hanging position for speaker system at the sidesof the stage. Eventually, SE team selectedits M-F3A, a compact and scalable activearray system featured with “small size, high SPL and pristine sound”, as thesound system for the venue.

FiveM-F3A full rangespeakers and two M-F3A SUB subwoofers are stacked on each sideof the stage, as the main system. The stage monitor system is constituted byfour groups of M-F3A systems, each with three M-F3A and two M-F3A SUB,areplaced on both sides of stage lip and center stage. In order to providea bettersound experience for the audience upstairs, a group of four M-F3A and one F3ASUB subwooferis placedat each side in the central auditorium on the secondfloor as side fill system.

It is worthmentioning that, after the first performance, the show director Robert Vicencio’sstatement was full of praise for the sound of the loudspeaker: “The sound of SEaudiotechnik is really fantastic. I can't believe that the show is sosuccessful!I was worried whether such a small speaker would bring everyaudienceintomy musical world, but it seems that my concern is unnecessary. Ireally appreciate that SE audiotechnikhelps me to convey the sound of the art. Yourspeaker system is the messenger for the soul ofmy music. Again, thank you verymuch!”