[May. 2015] 9th Central China Investment & Trade Expo powered by M-F3A (Expo Central China 2015)

The 9th Central China Investment and Trade Exposition was held in Hubei Province from 18th to 20th May 2015. 

  Wang Yang, Vice Premier of the State Council, attended the event and held the opening speech.

The summit attracted 25,000 representatives from provinces all over China and also raised strong international interest from 60 other countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan.

As audio products supplier of the opening ceremony, SE Audiotechnik provided the system installation and technical support.

It only took 1 hour to finish the whole installation and adjustment of the M-F3A line array system in such a large conference center and it performed smoothly until the end of the meeting.

For this kind of official event, it is important to provide a subtle yet powerful sound solution. The logical choice was to utilise our active line array system M-F3A as it offers unmatched clarity of speech at a very high SPL level while being of compact and therefore subtle size. The setup consisted of two 15-piece flown line arrays of M-F3A SAT and two 12-piece ground stacked blocks of M-F3A SUB on each side of the stage as the main expansion. A further two sets, composed of 4 pieces M-F3A SAT and 3 pieces M-F3A SUB, were set up in ground stacking mode on the left and right side as auxiliary reinforcement system.

The first-class system and professional technical support got unanimous consent and favorable comments from the Expo Central China committee and greatly contributed to the success of this event.