[Nov. 2014] SE Audiotechnik and Arumtech joint exhibition at KOSOUND+STAGETECH

Final demonstration preparations

Plain yet unique booth design

A continuous stream of visitors was attracted to the booth

SE Audiotechnik made its international debut at KOSOUND+STAGETECH exhibition from 5th to 7th of November 2014 in Korea. Our newest hot product M-F3A, side by side with globally accomplished brands, demonstrated its unique advantages to the visitors effectively and aroused a lot of interest.

Naturally, the first steps in a new market can never be made without a strong local partner, which is why Arumtech has been appointed as the nation-wide exclusive distributor of all s)))e-branded product series in June 2014. Together, Arumtech and SE Audiotechnik have begun to expand the market share in Korea and a successful initial appearance at KOSOUND +STAGETECH has been another major step towards that goal.

M-F3A indoor demo speaker setup

Since 2003, the KOSOUND+STAGETECH exhibition is of great importance in Korea. Every year, a large number of visitors are attracted by the indoor demonstration of powerful line array systems. In slight contrast to that, this year’s sound demos were joined by SE’s most recent development, the compact and lightweight active SPL-wonder M-F3A. Compared with other large line array systems, the twenty-four sets of M-F3A clearly distinguished themselves by offering crystal-clear and natural sound quality without distortion while still providing plenty of SPL.

Live performance to demonstrate natural sound quality

Besides M-F3A, the display of all other product series also drew a lot of attention from many visitors. Moreover, the composition and specification of the speakers were introduced to interested parties by the extremely dedicated Arumtech staff. Advanced German manufacturing technique and design, impressive sound quality and a hard-working national partner are the keys to success for SE in the Korean market.