[Oct. 2014]" Sunshine in October" live TV show in Hangzhou

Presenters on stage

Joyful audience waving with flags

In the afternoon of Oct. 26th, the “Sunshine in October—China Dream Beauties in Zhejiang” live show was held in Qianjiang, a new city of Hangzhou. It is a large-scale artistic performance hosted by the Provincial Party Committee and Radio & TV Group of Zhejiang. SE supported the show by setting up the perfect speaker solution.

The system comprises 8 pieces of dual 12" three-way line array speaker V-L12 as main expansion, 6 pieces of 12" passive two-way full range speaker V-12 as stage monitor and 4 pieces of dual 18" bandpass subwoofer V-PS218B. Assisted by SE's perfect expansion system, the live performance was a great success and displayed the most beautiful elements of Zhejiang.

V-L12 is a powerful large-sized line array speaker system. High frequency wave front converter, the space between neighboring transducers and careful selection of crossover points make sure all criteria of the line array principle are fulfilled. The 12” cabinet is shaped like a trapezoid, equipped with a sophisticated aluminum alloy rigging system. The connection angle between cabinets can range from 0°to 8°by adjusting the joint lever at the rear of cabinet to adjust the line array to different application demands accordingly. Offering plenty of tight and punchy bass, the V-PS218B blends in beautifully with the V-L12, resulting in an excellent full range response with high SPL and clear sound. All cabinets were made of high-quality birch multiplex and have been coated with robust Polyurea paint to help them comply with the rough demands of daily touring and live applications.

The combined use of V-L12 and V-PS218B

In order to balance sound distribution and stage appearance, SE adopted for ground installation of the system. Four pieces of V-L12 line array were set up at each side of the stage, accompanied by two pieces of V-PS218B subwoofer and held together by V-L12BF bumper frame .By adjusting the angle between the cabinets of V-L12, even sound distribution is achieved.

Live Chinese folk art performance

It is the 19th edition of “Sunshine in October” live TV show since 1996, which witnessed the development of Zhejiang’s economy and society. Using “Chinese Dream” and “Beauties in Zhejiang” as the theme, this activity vividly shows the innovative concept and fruitful accomplishment of Zhejiang’s ecological civilization, cultural development and moral mindset by different kinds of singing, dancing and situational comedy. All performances were greatly appreciated by the audience.