M-F3A GLL Data for Acoustic Simulation & Prediction
  Aug 14, 2020      

SE Audiotechnik recently released EASE GLL data for active MF-3A line array series including two accompanying subwoofers (SUB210BP  & SUB112BR) .GLL files are compatible both with EASE Focus 3 and EASE 4 software versions.

M-F3A is an ultra-compact active array system well suited for theaters, houses of worship, clubs, mid-sized venues and outdoor events.With two active subwoofers in "the family," system can deliver punchy and deep lows with crystal clear and studio grade highs.

By using provided GLL files and either EASE or EASE Focus 3,system designers and consultants can simulate the acoustical performance of M-F3A to find the optimal setup for a given venue venue or outdoor area.

EASE is an industry-standard acoustic simulation software used in design of world-famous concert halls, stadiums, theaters and outdoor events. EASE Focus 3 on the other hand is a free simulation software for loudspeaker coverage, SPL, line array and other sound field optimization related calculations. Not just the line arrays, but also the complex sub arrays can be calculated using Focus 3.

Use EASE or EASE Focus 3 and take the guesswork out of system design, eliminate costly mistakes and reduce installation time. 

Under Downloads, you will find the appropriate *zip file containing the speaker files (*.GLL) for MF-3A. EASE Focus 3 can be downloaded from AFMG website: http://focus.afmg.eu


For questions, inquiries and support contact your local dealer or directly with our technical support department via mail: u.vilcans@se-audiotechnik.com.