SE Audiotechnik M-F3A PRO wins FIBA 2019 Basketball World Cup
  Aug 15, 2020      

The opening ceremony of the first FIBA Basketball World Cup to be held in China left a deep impression on its audience thanks to a compact yet powerful SE Audiotechnik solution that immersed the crowd in a spectacular performance. Taking place at the National Aquatic Centre (Water Cube), the ceremony was attended by President Xi Jinping and was commended for showcasing an impressive blend of Chinese culture with basketball. 

The opening performance, themed ‘Fantasia of Dreams,’ included eight sets with dance, lighting and sound design by Beijing Tianyun Xingguang Culture and Art Co. The audio director, Ma Wei, decided to create a multi-channel immersive viewing space for the opening ceremony through surround sound, creating the perfect atmosphere for an intimate celebration. 

The movements of the ceremony’s performance weaved through the Dream of Sonata, The Rhapsody of Dreams, The Rondo of Dreams and The Imagination of Dreams - each moment displaying the culture and art of China and blended seamlessly with the excitement from the crowd as they welcomed basketball players from around the world. 

A grand spectacle on this scale, deserves a sound system that would resonate the passion and splendour of the occasion. For Beijing Tianyun Xingguang Culture and Art Co, SE Audiotechnik’s new flagship M-F3A PRO was the obvious choice.

Four M-F3A PROs and a pair of S12 PRO subs were utilised during these performances to create a superior, professional sound that was described as “full and natural”. Thanks to its 600W Class-D amplifier, the M-F3A PRO is small and lightweight while also delivering powerful sound from its unique hornless design. This combined to ensure that the far and near fields were evenly covered, and the left and right sound effects were consistent. The end result was concentrated and crystal clear, meaning the audience was totally immersed in the performance.

“When designing the audio program, I wanted to bring the sense of presence of the game to the audience and emphasise the hot atmosphere,” explains Ma Wenzhao from Beijing Tianyun Xingguang Culture and Art Co. “To achieve this, I arranged eight sets of surround effects speakers and that helped to create a truly immersive experience for the audience at the opening ceremony.” 

Any prestigious performance should have a flawless audio system that is clear and reliable, and the M-F3A PRO certainly delivered this at the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup. Being highly praised by the organisers and project team, the opening ceremony was a complete success all thanks to the power, quality and dedication of Beijing Tianyun Xingguang Culture and Art Co and their SE Audiotechnik solution.